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ACC National Capital Region Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $15,000.00
Total Raised: $18,315.60

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 75
Members Recruited: 146

Join Our Team

Join our team and help us support the cause! Supporting the American Heart Association (AHA) is advantageous for all of us. The links to the left provide excellent information on how donations are put to work to help fund important research initiatives, stop smoking, fight obesity, promote heaLthy eating and increase cholesterol screenings across the DC area. We also have provided some personal stories below. Even if you can’t run or walk on June 10, please consider making a donation to support the AHA and your fellow ACC members.

Share your stories:
• Heather is dedicating the race to her grandfathers, both of whom passed away from heart disease, and the miracle that her mom discovered her aortic aneurism in time to fix it. Thank goodness for life saving screening tests!

• Ilona is dedicating the race to her Sprint coworker, Sonya Judkins, and Sonya's husband, Mike. On August 28, 2016, Mike suffered a fatal cardiac arrest. Thanks to the CPR immediately performed by his wife, Mike survived long enough to receive the care he needed from Prince William Hospital. Sonya's ability to know what to do in this situation was the reason Mike is with us today and this story illustrates the importance of raising money for heart conditions awareness. On June 10th, Ilona will celebrate a survivor and a hero.

Team Members:
Total Raised$18,315.60  
General Team Donation$600.00  
Heather French$3,125.00  
   Stewart Ackerly$0.00  
   Katelyn Adams$0.00  
   hawi alemu$0.00  
   T Lynda Alston$0.00  
   Melissa Amison$100.00  
   Elizabeth Anderson$0.00  
   Krista Anderson$0.00  
   Rahel Bahibla$0.00  
   Omid Banuelos$0.00  
   Ed Barnidge$0.00  
   Isabel Barnidge$0.00  
   Zoe Beiner$0.00  
   Bob Belden$0.00  
   Leonard Bellisario$0.00  
   Edward Bennett$100.00  
   Elizabeth Bennett$100.00  
   David Berman$0.00  
   Charlotte Bernard$0.00  
   Ulysses Billips$40.00  
   Melissa Borts$0.00  
   Patrick Bradley$0.00  
   Kelly Broder$150.00  
   Daena Brown$0.00  
   Jeanne Brown$100.00  
   Bill Burke$0.00  
   Wendy Butler$0.00  
   Ben Cameron$0.00  
   Sarah Cameron$0.00  
   Michael Castellano$50.00  
   D. Keith Clouser$0.00  
   Tudor Cojan$0.00  
   Melissa Collins$0.00  
   Sonja Combs$50.00  
   Justin Connor$175.00  
   Vandhalia Cooper$0.00  
   Laura Danysh$500.00  
   Miranda Delgado$0.00  
   Catherine Depret$0.00  
   Alexandre Depret-bikamba$0.00  
   Elbert Dozier$0.00  
   Susan Duarte$375.00  
   Brenna Egan$0.00  
   Alina Entin$0.00  
   Robert Falk$9,740.60  
   Steven Farina$100.00  
   Laura Farley$300.00  
   Stanley Fisher$0.00  
   Ceara Flake$0.00  
   Christine Flinton$0.00  
   Samuel Ford$110.00  
   April Frank$0.00  
   Aryanne Gamboa$0.00  
   Hannah Gelbort$0.00  
   Andrew Golden$25.00  
   Stephen Goldman$0.00  
   Rhonda Gornitsky$100.00  
   Ben Graham$0.00  
   Carleen Griffith$0.00  
   joel gulick$100.00  
   Alexandra Gutierrez$0.00  
   Margaret Hackbarth$0.00  
   Candis Hart$0.00  
   Melissa Hockstad$100.00  
   Christopher Horvath$0.00  
   Julia Hu$0.00  
   Cameron Hunt$575.00  
   Darrin Hurwitz$100.00  
   Michelle Icochea Rodas$0.00  
   Daniel Ingersoll$0.00  
   Jamilah Jeffcoat$0.00  
   Angeline Johnson$0.00  
   Matthew Johnson$0.00  
   Mindy Johnson$0.00  
   Charlie Jones$0.00  
   Brenda Justin$0.00  
   Chelsea Kelly$0.00  
   Gloria Kirkland$0.00  
   Emma Kohse$0.00  
   Monica Kolf$0.00  
   Olga Kordonskaya$0.00  
   Dennis Korzha$0.00  
   Ilona Korzha$50.00  
   Dana Levine (Korzha team)$0.00  
   Tiffany Lieu$0.00  
   Angela Long$0.00  
   Duglas Lozano$0.00  
   Jill Lyon$0.00  
   Mary Maginnis$0.00  
   Anne Malinee$0.00  
   Xiomara Maynard$0.00  
   Amanda McThenia$0.00  
   Hans Miller$100.00  
   Dina Munasifi$0.00  
   Robin Nunn$0.00  
   Richard Olderman$0.00  
   Sarah Olderman$0.00  
   Terri Oliver$0.00  
   Jennifer Ong$0.00  
   Alex Peerman$0.00  
   Lee Pellegrino$45.00  
   Darrell Perry$25.00  
   Delia Perry$0.00  
   Francesca Picascia$0.00  
   Emmilee Racek$0.00  
   Yolanda Rafal$0.00  
   Ken Reiss$0.00  
   Julie Reynolds$0.00  
   Oren Rodas$0.00  
   Liat Rome$0.00  
   Cabell Rosanelli$0.00  
   Karen Ross$0.00  
   andrew rudge$50.00  
   Tom Ryan$0.00  
   Cathie Saadeh$250.00  
   Jennifer Santos$0.00  
   William Schmidt$0.00  
   Brendan Selby$0.00  
   Tom Selby$0.00  
   Alyssa Senzel$525.00  
   Chan Sethi$50.00  
   Craig Singer$0.00  
   Jamie Specter$50.00  
   Robert Strauss$0.00  
   Douglas Troutman$50.00  
   Andrew Tucker$25.00  
   Dagne Ture$0.00  
   Christina Ubieta$100.00  
   Connie Utada$0.00  
   Brianna van Kan$0.00  
   Leslie Vigen$0.00  
   Lance Wade$100.00  
   Olivia Wade$25.00  
   Catherine Wagner$0.00  
   Yifan Wang$0.00  
   Zach Warren$0.00  
   Michael Waxman$50.00  
   Taylor Weaver$50.00  
   Erin Weber$55.00  
   Carolyn Wesnousky$0.00  
   Helen White$0.00  
   Katina Whitehead$0.00  
   Dee Dee Williams$0.00  
   Serge Yakubovich$0.00  
   Meng Jia Yang$0.00  
   Helen Young$0.00  

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