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Team BuckleySandler
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Thank you for supporting American Heart Association - Washington DC Lawyers Have Heart. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Team Members:
Total Raised$6,026.00  
General Team Donation$2,650.00  
Buckley Sandler$0.00  
   Kyra Anderson$0.00  
   Sabrina Barnes$0.00  
   Trevor Barnes$0.00  
   Tonja Boswell$0.00  
   Brandy Boyce$0.00  
   Camille Brooks$0.00  
   Whitney Busch$0.00  
   Brendan Clegg$325.00  
   Rosemary Dean$250.00  
   Alex Dempsey$0.00  
   jeanne Friberg$25.00  
   Katie Halliday$100.00  
   Eric J. Chang$251.00  
   Lane Kauder$0.00  
   Megan Lown$100.00  
   Alex Lutch$50.00  
   Cynthia McCollough$50.00  
   Bree Murphy$100.00  
   Brendan Murphy$25.00  
   AJ Parr$250.00  
   Allyson Parr$250.00  
   Werner Pineda$0.00  
   Lauren Randell$1,000.00  
   Olivia Rauh$0.00  
   Mark Rooney$0.00  
   Sara Ruvic$0.00  
   BJ Shannon$0.00  
   Sarah Smick$0.00  
   Tammy Southworth$0.00  
   Tonja Tate-Taylor$100.00  
   Eliza TaylorUndisclosed  
   John Troost$0.00  
   Nancy Turner$0.00  
   Veena Viswanatha$0.00  
   Matt White$500.00  

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